No Worries at the Holiday Assembly

Lion cub Simba just wants to be king, but his Uncle Scar has other ideas. While Simba is sleeping, Scar steals the pride's ancient (and gift-wrapped!) box of Holiday Spirit and has it destroyed. When Simba awakens to discover its absence, Scar is quick to convince him that exile is his only course of action and Simba leaves his home full of misery. Luckily, he makes the acquaintance of Timon the meercat and Pumba the warthog and they introduce him to their philosophy of "Hakuna Matata" or "no worries." Joyful performances by 16 of McDonogh’s instrumental, dance, and choral groups raise his spirits, and when Rafiki the shaman and his beloved Nala find him, he is ready to return to Pride Rock, face his uncle, and learn that true Holiday Spirit is not found in a box but in our hearts. 

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