Baltimore Corps CEO Inspires

For the final project in the junior English elective, The City in Literature: Baltimore, students are required to write a profile on a person who is involved with the City. Last year, Cormac C. ’18 wrote about Fagan Harris, President and CEO of Baltimore Corps, an organization that works to connect talent and opportunity in Baltimore, “one of America’s greatest cities.” On Tuesday, November 14, Cormac introduced Harris to McDonogh’s Upper School community in an assembly.

Harris reminded his audience of the problems Baltimore faces and the disparity that exists from neighborhood to neighborhood. He explained that Baltimore Corps was founded with the belief that it is possible to move beyond the negative stereotypes that exist, by working for change. His optimism was palpable as he gave examples of the hope, grit, resilience, and entrepreneurial spirit that exist in communities throughout the city. Harris, a Baltimore native, spoke about the Baltimore Corps Fellowship program, which recruits highly talented, mission-driven professionals and connects them with people in the community working to make a difference.

While most fellows have five to ten years of professional experience, Harris challenged the students to think of ways in which they could make a difference in the city now. For example, he said, when people find out you are from Baltimore and make a reference to The Wire, explain how Baltimore is much more than what is depicted in the show. He told the gathering that they can help change the perception of Baltimore by learning about and sharing the positive aspects of the city. “This generation has to behave differently,” he said.

Following his talk about Baltimore Corps, a number of enthusiastic students approached Harris with questions about volunteer opportunities. Merritt Livermore, Head of the Upper School noted, “We’ve been talking a lot about the problems. Today was about action.”

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