Innovative Program, McDonogh Works, Announced

This school year, McDonogh is launching an innovative LifeReady program for Upper School students and adults in the school community called McDonogh Works. The co-curricular program, scheduled outside of the traditional school day, offers a variety of courses based on real-world learning.

Kevin Costa, McDonogh’s Director of Innovation and Learning and founder of the program, explains, “Imagine if you could take a class where CEOs, cutting-edge researchers, entrepreneurs, and creative artists shared their passions with you. Imagine that they do this not by merely talking about their work, but by creating learning experiences where you get to grapple with real problems, work towards real solutions, and have authentic audiences to share your findings. This is how McDonogh Works…works!”

Starting in September, McDonogh Works will offer courses of varying lengths and focus throughout the year. A course on cyber security, for instance, might run twice a week for four weeks on McDonogh's campus, while a course on marketing may run online for three months, and yet another course might have students working in a biotech lab doing real research with a mentor/scientist. Whatever the course, students will leave with understanding, skills, credentials, and connections with professionals. The possibilities are limitless. Click here to see current course offerings.

Costa explains the added value of McDonogh Works for students applying to college or employment: “In certain courses, you may earn credentials for competencies you develop. For participants, digital badges will be issued. These are credentials that represent knowledge and understanding achieved. These digital badges can be shared with college admissions offices and employers, on platforms like LinkedIn, and with other organizations wishing to learn more about what you know and what you can do.”

“As a LifeReady school, we believe these experiences are not only enriching but necessary as students prepare for life after McDonogh (and college),” Costa explains. “How better to introduce students to possible life choices, career pathways, college choices, and to the rich network of alums than through a program where we bring generations of the McDonogh community together? We are a school of relationships and of transformative experiences. McDonogh Works enlarges this vision.”

McDonogh Works courses are not just for current Upper School students. Alumni, parents, faculty, and other adults in the school community are actively encouraged to register for the classes. Josh Jones-Dilworth ’98, an expert in the field of marketing, who will be teaching several courses, feels that diversity of age and experience will enhance the learning for all participants, noting, “The more frequently we can look at things from the same side of the table, the better.”

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