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Video coverage by Cindy Green.

McDonogh Welcomes Japanese Friends

Eight Japanese students and two teachers from the Seijo Gakuen Senior High School in Tokyo soaked up as much American and McDonogh culture as possible during the biennial exchange that took place at McDonogh from March 20 to April 2. The visit, coordinated by Upper School history teacher Marilyn Boyle, is part of an exchange program between the two schools that began in 1988. For visiting teachers Manabu Chimoto and Kimie Kokubu, it was their first visit to McDonogh in 25 and 16 years, respectively. They were delighted to be reunited with retired history teacher Dave Harley who was an integral part of the exchange during his McDonogh career.

During their two-week visit, the visitors spent time on campus getting to know students in all three divisions. They spoke about their life in Japan and asked questions about the United States. They also enjoyed day trips to Gettysburg, New York City, and Washington, DC.

The traditional farewell dinner with host families ended with lots of hugs and tears. It was clear that the Japanese guests enjoyed their time at McDonogh. Undoubtedly, the friendships forged and the experiences shared during the exchange will last a lifetime.

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