AP Psych Students Present Research

McDonogh’s AP Psychology students do not simply study behavior and theories, each year they are also charged with designing, implementing, and submitting for publication their own psychological study. On Tuesday, April 8, the 19 students enrolled in the course presented their findings at the AP Psychology Conference hosted by St. Paul’s School for Girls. The conference, the only high school level psychology conference in the country, was also attended by students from a handful of other area independent schools including: St. Paul’s, Roland Park Country School, Mercy, Gilman, Bryn Mawr, and Tatnall (DE).

“One of the things that is great about the conference is that the kids get to share their expertise and interest in psychology and psychological research with students from other schools, who also share theirs with the McDonogh kids,” says Marie Allee, who began taking her students to the event three years ago.

Jenna N. ’15 who studied McDonogh kindergarteners and their understanding of conservation agreed with Dr. Allee saying, "It was really fun to share all I had learned with other students at the conference.”

Other McDonogh presentations that were in keeping with the conference theme of "How to Make the World a Better Place for Adolescents," included:

  • Are You Sure You Remember? A Look at False Memory Implantation and Conformity
  • An Electrifying Personality: Musical Links to People’s Nature
  • You Must Obey: Snack Time, Social Morality, and the Moral Code of Fourth Grade Students
  • Will Prince Charming Always Save the Day? Adolescence, Gender, and the Bystander Effect
  • Media Violence and Playground Aggression
  • Marshmallows for the Future: The Effect of Strategy on the Development of the Delay of Gratification
  • Be Cool or Be Cast Out: A Study on Conformity and Development
  • For senior Nikki F. the opportunity to present the research she and her classmates Frannie J. and Eliza B. conducted on Media Violence and Playground Aggression was only one of the benefits of the conference. “It was really fun presenting our experiment and findings at the conference and the experience as a whole was very rewarding,” Nikki says. “I know now more than ever that my decision to pursue psychology in college was the right one.”

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