Visual Arts

The visual arts program at McDonogh inspires students at every grade level to express themselves and to understand the world around them through the study and creation of art. Whether working with papier-mâché in the Lower School, experimenting with acrylics in the Middle School, or re-imagining the world in the dark room in Upper School, students are allowed the freedom to discover themselves anew every day.

By introducing students to the tools and techniques of two- and three-dimensional art, McDonogh’s faculty stimulate students to participate fully in the artistic process. Students immerse themselves in this process by means of projects that call upon their ability to think divergently, to problem solve, and to explore their intuitive abilities. To study and create visual art, then, is to prepare one’s self to be dynamic and creative in any arena of life.

And “life” is always the ultimate object of study in the visual arts. From prekindergarten through senior year, teachers encourage students to take risks with their work in the studio and to explore areas of the human experience here and around the world. As a result, they emerge from the visual arts program with a deep sensitivity to others, with a thorough understanding of the past as represented by the history of artistic expression, and with a genuine sense of empathy and responsibility for the communities in which they live. McDonogh believes that these are qualities that will stand them in good stead whatever their futures hold.

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