Fees & Costs

The tuition fees for 2017-2018 are:

Lower School, Grades PK-4

Tuition: PK: $16,220
K - PF: $25,780
Grades 1 - 4: $26,810
Books/Supplies: $270

Middle School, Grades 5-8

Tuition: $28,460
Books/Supplies: $380

Upper School, Grades 9-12

Tuition: $29,830
Book fees vary.

Boarding (5 day), Grades 9-12

Tuition: $39,890
Book fees vary.

Tuition fees cover all charges for classroom instruction, meals, laboratories, and athletics (except riding and squash). Also included in the tuition fee are bus transportation and lunch for day students; and breakfast, lunch, and dinner for boarding students. Athletic uniforms for many sports are provided through the school's Athletic Department.

Tuition does not include books (for Upper School students), instrumental music instruction, and private tutoring. Expenses for personal items, such as school clothing and athletic equipment, are borne by the individual. Other expenses will vary with the interests and wishes of the individual.


Students are enrolled for the entire academic year. Regular tuition payments are made in two installments -- 50 percent by July 31, and the remaining 50 percent by November 30.

For parents who prefer to pay in monthly installments, payment plans are available. Under the tuition payment plan, money is advanced to the parent to pay for school costs. This program offers lower monthly payments and makes available a wide variety of payment terms.

Monthly statements are payable when rendered. All financial obligations must be fulfilled before the school may grant a diploma, issue an official transcript, or admit a student for a subsequent academic year.

The school has continuing expenses such as plant maintenance and faculty salaries that must be maintained throughout the year, so no adjustment of fees can be made in the event of a student's late entrance, absence, withdrawal, or dismissal.


To serve the needs of parents, we offer tuition protection under the Tuition Refund Plan-Broad Form. The plan provides refunds when a student is withdrawn from school for medical reasons. It also provides refunds for non-medical withdrawals and dismissals. Detailed information concerning the tuition and insurance plans is mailed to parents prior to the beginning of each school year.

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