Welcome to the Upper School

Potential, opportunity, accomplishment. We see promise in every student who walks our halls. "Too good not to be better," as one of our teachers often said. It's our mission in Upper School to challenge students with opportunities to test their strengths, develop their talents, and define their interests. Teachers help students transform their personal potential into real accomplishments.

But we don't stop there. Teaching students to think, to read, to write, to speak, to question, to compute, to explore and ultimately to become lifelong, independent learners is not enough. We also strive to help them develop the values that are central to McDonogh's Character Compass: Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Kindness, and Service. We look for ways to invest students in the school's honor code and to give it more prominence in school life. We encourage students and their faculty advisors to meet regularly in small groups to discuss the issues of the day, plan projects, and have fun together.

By the time students graduate, they are ready for new adventures and different challenges. This is what Upper School at McDonogh is about--providing each student with a complete education of mind, body, and spirit.

Student Life

A communal spirit inhabits all aspects of life at McDonogh. Our students look on their teachers and peers as a second family, and our graduates often comment that this intimacy is what they miss the most about our school. The five-day boarding program builds a strong sense of interdependency among its students and brings them closer together, in addition to providing a venue for less formal, more familial student-teacher interaction. McDonogh also boasts an impressive number of faculty-advised extracurricular opportunities. These clubs and activities are testaments to our students' eagerness to continue working with one another and with teachers after the academic day is over.

I will not lie, cheat, or steal.
I will respect the rights and well-being of myself and others.

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