Academic Strategic Plan: LifeReady

“McDonogh School is a joyful community built on close relationships and trust. Children educated at McDonogh will emerge as people of character who are exceptional communicators, and who honor diversity in all its forms. They will learn how to pose their own questions and grapple with complex problems with creativity on their own and with others. McDonogh believes that preparing each child to be ‘life ready’ is the ultimate object of each student’s experience at McDonogh.”

These are the opening lines of McDonogh’s Academic Strategic Plan: LifeReady. The plan was developed by faculty and administrators in the months following McDonogh’s evaluation and re-accreditation by the Association of Independent Maryland Schools in 2014. It speaks to McDonogh’s commitment to continuing to provide students with an exceptional education which will prepare them to meet the challenges of a complex, uncertain, and volatile world.

LifeReady describes the school’s ongoing dedication to graduating young people of character who are equipped to face the future and be a force for good in it. LifeReady also defines the kind of teaching and learning that is necessary to preserve the fundamentals of a first rate education and at the same time prepare young people for a future that is continually evolving. Teaching must be motivational and timely; learning must be deep and authentic.

To meet these needs, McDonogh made an historic, unprecedented investment in its people. With support from the school, the faculty founded The Curiosity Shop: A Community for Teaching and Learning in 2014. The Curiosity Shop (TCS) furthers the broader goals of LifeReady by providing dedicated, ongoing support for faculty. Additionally, TCS serves as a forum for the continuing conversation about innovations in education. The school also committed added resources to the professional development of its faculty, with particular emphasis on the goals of LifeReady.

For more information on the impetus behind LifeReady, the work that’s underway, and the school’s exciting plans for the future, read "The Readiness Is All: The Future of Teaching and Learning at McDonogh," published in the Summer 2015 issue of McDonogh Magazine.

View the complete Academic Strategic Plan: LifeReady.

Learn more about The Curiosity Shop.

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