Parent Testimonial

I think that the boarding program is one of the great extra perks McDonogh offers students. In my case, it gave my daughter the opportunity to prepare for the transition from home to college by allowing her the opportunity to share a room, a new experience for her as an only daughter that had never had the experience of sharing her space with another person so extensively. Also, it gave her more time to explore activities she could not participate in when commuting on a daily basis. She was able to make more independent decisions and with those privileges came greater responsibility.

Besides these great bonuses, she was able to form deeper, extended family relationships with her friends and roommates, relationships that will probably last a lifetime. She experienced the cultural differences of friends from different upbringings in day to day living and gained the insights and wisdom that come from exposure to alternative lifestyles and ways of thinking, helping her to understand and define herself with more clarity. She has also learned that communication and establishing boundaries and group rules matter for smooth group dynamics.

My daughter had to learn to plan more, to organize more efficiently, and to implement time management to better balance her life because no family was there to pick up the slack. She got more time for a social life and to take the "fun" classes on top of her academic requirements. I believe the experience did a great deal to help prepare her for a smooth entry into college life and into the world beyond family. I highly recommend the experience to all students. I believe it has helped ease some of the separation anxiety I felt about my daughter leaving the nest by helping me transition to the empty house and the new adult relationship we will share instead of the primarily hierarchical parent/child model that has defined our interactions until this time.

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