Boarding Introduction

In 1873, McDonogh School was founded as a farm school for poor boys. One of the ways that the school continues to carry out its original mission to provide both a home and a school for its students is through its five-day boarding program. From Sunday night to Friday evening each week, a group of Upper School students is fully immersed in every aspect of life at McDonogh.

There are approximately 115 students in the boarding program, most of whom live locally. They do not board out of physical necessity, but out of a desire to become more deeply involved with the school community. Students have the opportunity to foster relationships with their classmates and teachers at a level that would be impossible to achieve within the confines of the school day.

Girls live in Jane Bay Hall, and boys live adjacent to them in Lillian Rollins Hall. Typically, each boarder shares a room with one or two roommates. The two dorm communities share the dorm quad and designated lounge facilities.

Graduates who boarded are always eager to share how their experience of living on campus enriched their high school careers, giving them the confidence to live independently and connecting them to people who may become part of their lives long after they left campus. This program touches the lives of everyone who takes part in it, and McDonogh is proud to be able to provide such a powerful, ongoing opportunity.

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