Contact Information

Admissions 443-544-7020
Director of Enrollment Management Steve Birdsall 443-544-7021
Director of Financial Aid Jeanne Backof 443-544-7028
Associate Director, Grades PK-1 Sara Mix 443-544-7023
Associate Director, Grades 2-4 Anita Hilson 443-544-7027
Associate Director, Grades 5-8 Esther Richardson 443-544-7025
Administrative Assistant to
the Office of Admissions
Bev Markline 443-544-7022
Administrative Assistant to
the Office of Admissions
Sandy Detorie 443-544-7032
Advancement Services/Development 443-544-7040
Advancement Services
Director of Advancement Services and Parent Relations Ann Fleming 443-544-7047
Associate Director of Advancement Services Christy Landsman 443-544-7048
Director of Alumni Relations Jen Little 443-544-7057
Assistant Director of Alumni Relations 443-544-7058
Director of Development Kerry Johnston 443-544-7041
Administrative Assistant to Director of Development Nicole Downing 443-544-7046
Director of Stewardship and Donor Relations Leslie Zuga 443-544-7052
Director of The McDonogh Fund Tyler Ebeling 443-544-7051
Director of The Signature Society & Parent Giving Lea Ward 443-544-7059
Director of Leadership Giving Maya Doeh 443-544-7043
Director of Planned Giving Barry Rollins 443-544-7053
Reunion Coordinator Megan Lentz 443-544-7055
Major Gifts
Director of Major Gifts Christine Krause 443-544-7042
Archivist & Special Collections Conservator Christine Ameduri 443-544-7045
Director of Fine and Performing Arts Kara Zimmerman 443-544-7244
Director of Private Music Michael Eller 443-544-7260
Director of Tuttle Gallery Oletha DeVane 443-544-7468
Manager of Performance Venues Susan Tanury 443-544-7131
Assistant Manager, Burck Center for the Performing Arts Tyler Groton 443-544-7132
Theatre Technician William T. Marks 443-544-7133
Athletics 443-544-7140
Co-Director of Athletics Mickey Deegan 443-544-7141
Co-Director of Athletics Matt MacMullan 443-544-7142
Administrative Assistant Ginger Gelston 443-544-7143
Director of Aquatics Scott Ward 443-544-7161
Co-Director of M.S. Athletics Brandon Quaranta 443-544-7155
Co-Director of M.S. Athletics Mary Beth Todd 443-544-7162
L.S. and M.S. Physical Education Director Mary Beth Todd 443-544-7162
Athletic Trainer Marty Sataloff 443-544-7147
Athletic Trainer Jared Braverman 443-544-7148
Athletic Trainer Tina Karpovich 443-544-7358
Athletic Trainer Ashley Holmes 443-544-7149
Supervisor - Strength and Conditioning Spencer Folau 443-544-7158
Athletic Hotline 443-544-7140
Business Office
Chief Financial Officer Sherri Voelkel 443-544-7005
Payroll Administrator Terri Neighbours 443-544-7062
Senior Accounting Manager Jennifer Turner 443-544-7063
Accounting Manager Ann Bratburd 443-544-7069
Controller Julie Burke 443-544-7061
Accountant Joann Ashburn 443-544-7064
Accountant Becky Stangroom 443-544-7066
Accountant Patrick Ventura 443-544-7068
Human Resources Director Janet Graham 443-544-7060
Accounts Payable Clerk Rae Ross 443-544-70__
Character and Service
Director of Character and Service Bridget Collins 443-544-7415
Upper School Community Service Coordinator Heather Ford 443-544-7471
Director of Communications Nina Sinnott 443-544-7035
Associate Director of Communications Meredith Bower 443-544-7037
Creative Director Heather McPeters 443-544-7036
Communications Associate Noreen Lidston 443-544-7038
School Counselor Marie Allee 443-544-7006
PK-5 Counselor Daniel Wagner 443-544-7204
Equity and Inclusion
Director of Equity and Inclusion Lana Bates 443-544-7007
Facilities 443-544-7080
Chief Operating Officer Pete Welch 443-544-7004
Post Office Brad Godfrey 443-544-7013
Food Service Director Janet Braun 443-544-7170
Housekeeping Supervisor Mary Abbott 443-544-7085
Director of Maintenance Keith Lambert 443-544-7087
Director of Grounds Mark Ross 443-544-7083
HVAC Technician Gregory Waters 443-544-7089
Facility Rentals
Director of Event Planning Jessica McDonald 443-544-7084
Headmaster’s Office
Headmaster Charlie Britton 443-544-7001
Administrative Assistant to the Headmaster Tricia Siegelbaum 443-544-7002
Associate Headmaster Brad Shelley 443-544-7003
Administrative Assistant to the Associate Headmaster
and Head of Upper School
Katie Michaelson 443-544-7403
Infirmary 443-544-7015
Nurse Erica Seaman 443-544-7016
Nurse Jayme Folfas 443-544-7017
Lower School 443-544-7200
Head of Lower School Barbara Robins 443-544-7201
Associate Head of Lower School Malika DeLancey 443-544-7202
Associate Head of Lower School Nancy Fleury 443-544-7207
Administrative Assistant to the Head of Lower School Edith Gans 443-544-7203
Librarian Katie McGrain 443-544-7208
Head of AfterCare Program Kate Hailstone 443-544-7220
Head of AfterCare Program George Webb 443-544-7241
Learning Specialist Rose Heggs 443-544-7205
Head of After-School Programs Olivia Grant 443-544-7334
McDonogh Connect
Director Anita Hilson 443-544-7027
McDonogh Land Resources
Director Kacey Scott-Macomber 443-544-7067
Middle School 443-544-7300
Head of Middle School Darren Ford 443-544-7301
Associate Head of Middle School Jennifer Bowders 443-544-7302
Administrative Assistant to the Head of Middle School Carol Schmelz 443-544-7303
Librarian Stasha Gibbs 443-544-7311
Library Assistant Sara Beach 443-544-7312
Director of Middle School Learning Services Beth Popp 443-544-7308
Learning Specialist Kathryn O'Neill 443-544-7310
Riding Program 443-544-7120
Director of Riding Program Streett Moore 443-544-7121
Barn 443-544-7120
School Store 443-544-7115
School Store Manager Erin Holmes 443-544-7115
Security 443-544-7111
Director of Security Rick Landsman 443-544-7112
Security Officer 410-977-4079
Summer Programs 443-544-7100
Interim Director of Summer Programs Ramzi Sifri 443-544-7102
Technology 443-544-7070
Chief Information Officer Jack Hardcastle 443-544-7071
Assistant Director of Technology Pani Phiansunthon 443-544-7072
Systems Administrator Tariq Qureshi 443-544-7073
Technology Service Specialist David Fulton-Howard 443-544-7074
Web Developer Amy Toleson 443-544-7075
Technology Hotline 443-544-7070
Transportation 443-544-7090
Director of Transportation Donald Marston 443-544-7091
Assistant Director of Transportation Susan Heher 443-544-7092
Transportation Hotline 443-544-7090
Upper School 443-544-7400
Head of Upper School Merritt Livermore 443-544-7401
Associate Head of Upper School and Director of Boarding Nancy Love 443-544-7402
Administrative Assistant to the Head of Upper School Katie Michaelson 443-544-7403
Administrative Assistant to the Upper School Susan Waskey 443-544-7404
Senior Class Dean Andy Hilgartner 443-544-7409
Junior Class Dean Libet Ottinger 443-544-7408
Sophomore Class Dean Joe Bakewell 443-544-7407
Freshman Class Dean Alex Gardner 443-544-7406
Director of College Counseling Alice Margraff 443-544-7427
Associate Director of College Counseling Sarah Marinacci 443-544-7430
Assistant Director of College Counseling Jen Pineau Wilson 443-544-7429
Assistant Director of College Counseling Lucy Duke 443-544-7434
Administrative Assistant to Office of College Counseling Lynda Schultz 443-544-7428
Co-Director of R-L Leaders Program Nancy Love 443-544-7402
Co-Director of R-L Leaders Program Josh Waller 443-544-7356
Learning Specialist Jennifer Cooper 443-544-7422
Educational Technology Coach Maria Johnson 443-544-7421
Librarian and Department Chair Dawn Stellmann 443-544-7424
Librarian Argie O'Shea 443-544-7423
Director of Wellness Marie Allee 443-544-7006

Other offices may be reached by calling 410-363-0600.

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